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On the fringes between unconventional and ultra-familiar, B1 is shaking up everything you know about electronic music. His influence knows no boundaries, contrasting soul-stirring melodies with big beats in a never-ending mission to get you moving - always upwards!


B1 is at the forefront of modern music making. As an artist, producer and performer, he is above all, an unrelenting creator. Now tapped into the realm of live AV, B1 is currently producing music videos that are perfectly synced to his beats. Reaching deep into an arsenal of musical technology and instruments, imagination serves as the ammunition to deliver a powerful experience. Three full length albums, an EP, and a library of signature remixes prove he has an unshakeable foundation, from which he's blasting off!

Technical Requirements:
  • Stereo inputs (dual 1⁄4” or RCA) to DI or standard DJ mixer.  

  • DJ table 30"-42" tall.

  • Ample lighting on stage.

  • Setup Time: 30min.

  • Set Length: 30min to 1 hr 30min.

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