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Comfort Zone

by Anticlockwise Arts and LEVYdance

Comfort Zone is a remarkable shadow play experience, which comprises collaborative group dances across eight scenes created using energetic particle animations. This 10-minute experience can also be defined as an immersive projected environment in which orbs coalesce around your body to create a responsive avatar (virtual in nature). This avatar uses mirrored and suggested movement to interact with visitors and encourages you to investigate choice in social situations. Ben Levy’s artist residency at The Exploratorium in San Francisco saw the beginning of this project. Created as a collaborative effort of LEVYdance, Garance Marneur and Anticlockwise, this large installation uses over 1200 square feet of interactive projection walls.


Premiered at The Exploratorium on Oct 23, 2013, this piece ran for an entire year. In December 2014, the international Audi City Codes showcase of Beijing featured a reappearance of Comfort Zone.

Take a deep journey into collaborative dance
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: minimum 20ft wide walls, up to 3x walls supported

  • Inquire for further information

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