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Edible Orchestra

by Rich DDT

Feast upon the Edible Orchestra, a musical buffet for making beats from tasty treats! Crunch percussive carrots and beets, dip into sitar-laden hummus, rejoice with bell-bursting blueberries and mariachi mole, hear the deep bubbly chimes poured through a cup of wine, and discover much more through the grapevine.


It’s a captivatingly delicious excuse to Play with your Food!

Delectable symphony of the Edible Orchestra
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: 10’ x 5’ including standing space (standard 8’ or 6’ table)

  • Power: 120V AC, <5A

  • Audio: Built-in sound system; quiet environments work best

  • Setup: 2 LoveTech Crew for 2 hrs.

  • Teardown: 2 LoveTech Crew for 1 hr.

  • Hosting: 1 LoveTech Crew Required.

  • Catering collaboration is possible, including 100% vegan options.            Inquire for details

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