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Fluid Floor

by Anticlockwise Arts

Fluid Floor is an immersive projection mapped portal beneath your feet. As you move along the ground, flaming spirals follow you, liquid waves emerge from every step, and light energy surrounds you. This piece incorporates realistic fluid dynamics upgrades and was adapted for permanent installation at San Francisco City Hall Plaza in 2018.

UnEarth a World Beneath your Feet
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: 16’-20’ wide x 12’-14’ deep x 10-12’ tall, including play space

  • Power: 120V AC, 5A

  • Video: Dark environment required. Projector, truss and floor tiles included

  • Audio: No audio built-in or required, but best enjoyed in a music-filled environment

  • Setup: 3 LoveTech Crew for 3 hrs.

  • Teardown: 3 LoveTech Crew for 1 hr.

  • Hosting: 1 LoveTech Crew Suggested but not Required.

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