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by Moldover

Moldover’s MiniMasher is the original three-player electronic instrument that popularized the term “jambox.” Grab a couple friends—or make some new ones!—and jam out on three sets of glowing pads triggering drum, bass, and synth sounds.

Slide your fingers over the touch sensors to add notes and effects, and turn the central dial to activate the sounds of the next song, each hand-crafted by a SF Bay Area musician.

Jam out with the Minimasher
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: 6ft square including play space (28" diameter circle, 5” tall)

  • Power: 120V AC, <10A

  • Audio: Built-in amplified speakers; quiet environments work best

  • Setup: 2 LoveTech Crew for 1 hr.

  • Teardown: 2 LoveTech Crew for 30 min.

  • Hosting: 1 LoveTech Crew Suggested but not Required.

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