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Not Your Mirror music video set shots -


”A musician at heart, inventor born of curiosity, and innovator by necessity, I believe the world calls him the ‘Godfather of Controllerism’ for damned good reasons.” – John Tackett, Crowd Wire

History only notes a handful of artists who successfully pushed the limits – both with their music and the design of their musical instruments. What Bach was to the keyboard and Hendrix was to the guitar, Moldover is to the controller. Disillusioned with “press play DJs”, Moldover fans eagerly welcome electronic music’s return to virtuosity, improvisation, and emotional authenticity. Dig deeper into Moldover’s world and you’ll uncover a subversive cultural icon who is jolting new life into physical media with “Playable Packaging”, sparking beautiful collaborations with his custom “Jamboxes”, and drawing wave after wave of followers with an open-source approach to sharing his methods and madness.

Technical Requirements:
  • Stereo inputs (dual 1⁄4” or RCA) to DI or standard DJ mixer.  

  • Mic stand.

  • Small side table 30"-42" tall.

  • Ample lighting on stage.

  • Setup Time: 30min - 1 hr.

  • Set Length: 30min to 1 hr 30min.

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