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Rich DDT

Rich DDT is a live electronic music producer/performer, interactive installation designer, and event organizer who is passionately repurposing the latest technology to create an awe-inspiring, open and supportive environment for human connection.

Rich Detonates Dance Tracks in live music performance, wielding his custom Controllitar to make contagiously funky dance music, live looped and electrifying, infused with glitched-out nostalgic beats and bass blasted world flavors. In the music studio, he crafts full spectrum sound designs from midtempo, hyperdub, exotic techno and orchestral, to esoteric sounds from a distant galaxy of our neoteric future.

Live Mixes: Soundcloud
Original Recordings: HearThis
Fan Page: Facebook

Technical Requirements:
  • Stereo inputs (dual ¼” or RCA) to DI or standard DJ mixer.

  • Monitors on floor (preferred).

  • Mic Stand.

  • Small side table 30"-42" tall.

  • Ample lighting on stage.

  • Setup Time: 10min

  • Set Length: 30min to 1 hr 30min.

  • Powered by Vegan Sandwiches

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