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Space Palette

by Tim Thompson

The Space Palette allows anyone to create unique sounds and visuals through gestures and hand movements. Experience new dimensions of expressive control and try your hand at the Space Palette. 

Wave your hands through the holes in the palette to play. The Space Palette responds to three dimensions of expressive control: the depth of your hands controls the size of the graphics and the character of the sounds; the horizontal position of your hands controls the pitch of the notes, and the vertical position of your hands controls their speed.

Create Stunning Sounds with the Wave of Your Hands
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: 10ft square, including play space

  • Power: 120V AC, <10A

  • Audio: Built-in amplified speakers require relatively quiet environment

  • Setup: 2 LoveTech Crew for 2 hrs.

  • Teardown: 2 LoveTech Crew for 1 hr.

  • Hosting: 1 LoveTech Crew Suggested but not Required.

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