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Watercolor Wall

by Anticlockwise Arts

A collaborative digital canvas overflowing with watercolor­-style paintings that you create with your silhouette. Every participant is given a unique color, changed by reaching up to touch the palette across the top. Dance to bring life to the backdrop. Cross paths with your friends to exchange & merge colors. Use your hands to bring colorful finger puppets into the mix.

Get Creative with Watercolor Wall
Technical Requirements:
  • Footprint: 16’ x 30’ x 11’ tall, including play space

  • Power: 120V AC, <10A

  • Video: Dark environment required. 15’ x 11’ projection screen with 12’ deep backstage area for projector & lights.

  • Audio: No audio built-in or required, but best enjoyed in a music-filled environment.

  • Setup: 4 LoveTech Crew for 3 hrs.

  • Teardown: 3 LoveTech Crew for 1 hr.

  • Hosting: 1 LoveTech Crew Suggested.

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